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Tea by Tealight.. Jane Austen edition!

Enjoy an adorable little candle and tea set that includes a sample of Leaf & Twig's custom Austen Afternoon tea, your choice of a Jane Austen themed candle, a custom bookmark decorated with the beloved author’s own words, and an optional tea ball strainer - all packaged in a heart-adorned organza satchel. 

☕️ An Austen Afternoon
Assam Black Tea, Lavender, Cornflower, Elder Flower, Damiana, organic Vanilla Extract Flavoring.
How to Enjoy: Pour 1 cup hot water (~190-200 degrees) over 1 teaspoon of tea and steep for 4-5 minutes or to desired taste. Vial includes enough tea for 2 servings.

*add a 2" tea ball strainer with a dainty charm for $1.50

🕯️Choose one from the following scent options

“Emotions Run Wild” inspired by Sense and Sensibility (1811): The depth of feeling shared by the drastically different Dashwood sisters comes to life in this lively blend of vibrant freesia and classic lavender with a dash of wild thyme.

“Gardens of Pemberley” inspired by Pride and Prejudice (1813): A soft floral blend of violet, lemongrass, sweetgrass, and flowering dogwood trees that will bring to mind a stroll through the gardens at Mr. Darcy’s Pemberley estate.

“Poise and Purpose” inspired by Mansfield Park (1814): The quiet strength of Fanny Price is captured in the smells of the English countryside - rain, cedar, and sweetgrass blend with lily and lilac and notes of Earl Grey tea to create a steady, comforting aroma.

“The Matchmaker” inspired by Emma (1816): Emma Woodhouse’s meddling pays off in this candle when two opposites form an exquisite pair - nectarous honeysuckle and warm sandalwood are good apart, but better together.

“Shadows in the Abbey” inspired by Northanger Abbey (1818): Sweet primrose, spicy clove, and green ivy intertwine to create the mysterious atmosphere of the Northanger Abbey within Catherine Morland’s imagination.

“Second Bloom” inspired by Persuasion (1818): An ode to Anne Elliot’s second chance at love, this is a floral, fruity scent that blends orchid and jasmine with honeydew and cantaloupe and is rounded out with hints of sea salt and tonka.

candle are 2oz each | 10-12 burn hours each

This set includes:
one tea sample
one 2oz candle
optional tea ball strainer