Ingredients & Candle Making Processes

At North Ave Candles, we believe the best candles are made using old fashioned ingredients with modern processes.

Midnight Library Book Candle -- Candle with Vintage Library Aesthetic

We are committed to offering handmade and artisanal products where every step -- from hand blending fragrances, to pouring, labeling, boxing, and packing -- is done with passion and commitment to quality.

All of our candles are painstakingly and lovingly handcrafted -- from start to finish, your candles have been touched by our hands over a dozen times.

We use the best ingredients available:

  • premium coconut-soy wax blend
  • braid cotton wicks
  • recycled and recyclable glass jars
Clear Quartz Crystal Candle -- Crystal Room Decor -- Crystals Aesthetic

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced, vegan, and eco-friendly.


Our scented oils are cosmetic grade and free of phthalates and parabens.

  • All scents have been extensively tested to offer true-to-life, realistic fragrances that are never soapy, cloying, or artificial smelling.
  • With almost 100 scent options to choose from- floral to spicy and everything in between, we offer scented candles to match every preference, mood and occasion.


Our labels feature original art designed completely in-house -- in our signature maximalist aesthetic with colorful details and whimsical touches.

Banned Books Candles -- Candles with an antiquarian aesthetic

We believe candles should be fun! Of course, the main purpose of a candle is to scent your room and provide glow and ambiance; but we also think they can be a compliment to your decor, as a piece of functional art that serves as that perfectly unique finishing touch to your bookshelf, desk, bedside table and everywhere in between.

Nancy Drew Book Candle -- Mystery Book Aesthetic -- Gift for Mystery Lover

When you open a shipment from North Ave Candles, you will see we put as much thought and effort getting your candles to you safely as we do pouring them.

We use
  • recycled cardboard boxes for shipping,
  • corn-based biodegradable packing peanuts, or
  • reuse packing material from incoming supply orders whenever possible.

Alice in Wonderland Book Candle Gift Set -- Candle and Tea Gift Box -- Alice in Wonderland Aesthetic

During unboxing you will see how we “package to delight” with stickers and cute washi tapes securing lovingly hand-packed products. 

These small touches serve to remind you that these goods are coming from a small business who is delighted to send them to you. 

At North Ave Candles our aim is to offer luxury candles at an accessible price.

Book Candle inspired by Dune -- Dune Book Candle -- Spice Melange -- Unique Bookshelf Decor

With every candle you purchase, you are helping to support a woman-owned small business committed to putting as much good as possible back into the world. 
Have a question about our candles or how we make them? Please drop us a line at