Petrichor, Sea Salt, Bergamot / Candle of the Month / Inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo

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May's Candle of the Month is Petrichor, Sea Salt, and Bergamot, inspired by Alexandre Dumas' epic tale of revenge and redemption, The Count of Monte Cristo.

Petrichor - the earthy scent of soil after rain - invocative of Edmond's tunnel. The tunnel that led Edmond to freedom from his false imprisonment. Sea Salt brightened the earthy, rainy notes and is an ode to his maritime voyages. Italian Bergamot adds a bright pop of citrus zest to round out this fragrance. 

Scent notes:
rain, ozone, freshly churned soil, sea salt, ocean air, bergamot

topped with a sword charm 
each candle comes in its own “red silk purse”

 9oz | 35 hrs