About Our Unique Candles

Introducing Our Candle Collections

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My goal is that our painstakingly designed and handcrafted candles will bring joy, light, and comfort into your favorite spaces.

With over two hundred wholesale accounts and many loyal customers, we offer a wide variety of sizes and themes centered around literature, crystals, apothecary and science -- with expertly crafted scents for every persuasion. Our candles are a perfectly unique sideline addition and sell wonderfully in bookstores, gift shops, and museums.

Each candle collection reflects a different aspect of our passions and pursuits. We love to learn, and express that love through our candles. 

Enter The Candle Library and peruse our selection of classic literary works with scents inspired by themes, events, and settings from each book. The labels look like vintage library cards -- and with a huge selection of titles and scents there is something for every sort of book and candle lover. Check it out!

 Our Once Upon a Crime collection showcases our love of the whodunit! From Nancy Drew to Sherlock Holmes, these book candles are perfect for armchair sleuths. 

Once Upon A Crime Book Candle Collection

Our Banned Books Collection features double-wicked large-format candles that celebrate classic books under attack from censorship.

Can’t get enough gloomy Gothic novels or that foreboding Victorian aesthetic? Masters of the Macabre has just the vibe for your parlor or drawing room.

Masters of the Macabre Collection -- Victorian Gothic Aesthetic

The Apothecary is a line of candles inspired by patent medicines of the 1800s.

Explore our candle collections to find the perfect fit for your space.