Our Candle Crew

Meet the Team


Hi! I'm Amanda. Creator, owner, and candlemaker here at North Ave Candles. I started making candles out of the kitchen of the little house on North Ave where I lived when my daughter Amelia was born. 

Over the last several years, my mission has been to grow North Ave Candles into a business that reflects our values: 

  • I’m committed to keeping the candlemaking process at North Ave handmade and artisanal. Every step --  hand blending fragrances, pouring, labeling, boxing, packing -- is done with passion, commitment to quality, and attention to detail. 
  • I want our candle jars to be statement pieces for your home. 
  • I love handmade crafts that reflect my personal story. That’s what I want to create for my customers. 

While I never imagined myself as someone interested in running a business, creating and growing North Ave Candles has been rewarding and fun. I’m proud of what the company has become, and that I’ve been able to create jobs in the Pittsburgh maker community that welcomed me so warmly many years ago.

When I'm not taking care of all things candle business, I enjoy reading, tinkering with my plants and garden, posting memes and other tomfoolery on Instagram


Candle team member Britta

Graduating with a degree in political science, Britta originally intended to work in public policy. While the world would be a much better place with people like Britta in charge, we’re immensely grateful she followed her artistic heart and ended up as our in-house graphic designer and fulfillment manager. 

She is a wildly talented, versatile (and completely self-taught!) graphic designer who is completely responsible for our awesome labels, stickers, pins and packaging.

As the official studio Snack Ambassador and potato chip enthusiast -- join her Unique Potato Chips FB group! -- she keeps the studio stocked with the tastiest (and sometimes weirdest) chips, crisps and gummies from across the globe.

See more of her work here:  @brittaborgman_arthaus





Corinne is our production assistant extraordinaire. From gluing wicks, to labeling candles, to assembling match vials, Corinne has been a wonderful addition to the studio.

Corinne is the busiest bee. When she’s not in Candleland, you can find her at her full time job as the events coordinator at the historic Heinz Chapel, leading food tours with 'Burgh Bits and Bites, leading a local Girl Scouts troop, globetrotting, or supporting Pittsburgh’s many local business, events, and restaurants. 


Candle photographer Matt

Matt makes our candles look real good. As a longtime hobbyist bird and wildlife photographer (@shootsbirdsandleaves), the switch to product photography was a simple one -- our candles don’t fly away or skulk into the bush when he photographs them. Other business tasks that fall under Matt's purview include shop-vaccing the studio, solving our tech issues, and Wednesday night pizza runs for the candle crew.

Matt is an avid birder, ice cream connoisseur, and collector of nautical themed tchotchkes.

Oh yeah, and he’s married to the owner.