Our Candle Crew

Meet the Team


Candle team member Britta

Graduating with a degree in political science, Britta originally intended to work in public policy. While the world would be a much better place with people like Britta in charge, we’re immensely grateful she followed her artistic heart and ended up as our in-house graphic designer and fulfillment manager. 

She is a wildly talented, versatile (and completely self-taught!) graphic designer who is completely responsible for our awesome labels, stickers, pins and packaging.

As the official studio Snack Ambassador and potato chip enthusiast -- join her Unique Potato Chips FB group! -- she keeps the studio stocked with the tastiest (and sometimes weirdest) chips, crisps and gummies from across the globe.

See more of her work here:  @brittaborgman_arthaus





Candle photographer Matt

Matt makes our candles look real good. As a longtime hobbyist bird and wildlife photographer (@shootsbirdsandleaves), the switch to product photography was a simple one -- our candles don’t fly away or skulk into the bush when he photographs them.

Matt is an avid birder, ice cream connoisseur, and collector of nautical themed tchotchkes.

Oh yeah, and he’s married to the owner.


Candle team member Charlie

Charlie is our teenager and she’s The Very Best Teenager.

While adept at a bunch of tasks around the studio, the tins are her main forte. If you’ve gotten a box set, anthologies set, care package or Required Reading, Charlie was the one who wicked the tins, trimmed the wicks, carefully applied the labels, and diligently assembled the box sets. See how much love and work goes into even the littlest candles?

Charlie is an old soul who loves cooking, music, gaming and hanging out with her friends.

She also gets involved creatively; our top-selling candle inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Coraline was her idea!


Candle Web Team Member Holli

We affectionately refer to Holli as a charming little app that’s constantly working in the background to keep North Ave Candles online and running smoothly.

From designing and managing our email newsletter, bookish Pinterest boards, revamped online retail store and brand new wholesale website, Holli’s contributions have helped us focus on what we like best: making candles!

Holli is the Virgoiest Virgo - she keeps us organized, on top of latest trends, and aware of upcoming tasks and deadlines.

She is responsible for our newsletters, keeping the websites in tip top shape, our fun literary-focused blog, and the sharpest Pinterest boards in town. 

In addition to her passion for books and writing, Holli’s hobbies include search engine optimization, cheese, succulents, exploring Virginia and North Carolina's historical sites, and chilling with her cat.

Sign up for our awesome bookish candle newsletter here. Holli thanks you in advance!

Have a small business and want to target a nerdy or antiquarian niche? Learn more about Holli’s suite of specialty services.