The Excavation Candle / Dinosaur Candle / Treasure Candle

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The Excavation Candle allows you to burn through the eras of time, and find fun fossils, gems, shark teeth, and dinosaurs along the way.

Each layer is a different signature blend of scents that are indicative of the environment of that era.

Without dinosaurs, plant life thrived during the Cenozoic. Most modern day plants have their roots in the Cenozoic. Grasses began to cover the terrain and flowers flourished.

• Scent: Bamboo & Sweet Grass - a blend of wild grasses, greenery, ozone, watery accords, white musk, green clover, and hints of wisteria •

After burning through the Cenozoic, you'll reach your first dig site. The first dig site sits a top the Mesozoic and you will unearth a miniature metal dinosaur figurine. The dino will be wrapped in colorful, non-flammable foil. Once the foil is unearthed, extinguish the candle, remove and open the foil packet to reveal which dinosaur you have excavated.

The next era to burn though is the Mesozoic. Many Mesozoic environments were lush, rainy and tropical.

• Scent: Petrichor - an earthy blend of watery rain accords, ozone, jasmine, soil, sandalwood, fern •


After the Mesozoic, you'll discover another dig site. The second dig site will unearth another foil packet that contains either a fossil, gem, mineral, or genuine shark tooth.

The last layer of stratum is the Paleozoic. The Paleozoic was a time of conifers, mosses, and ferns.

• Scent: Ancient Cedar & Fern - a woodsy blend of white cedar, sandalwood, oakmoss, amber, and evergreen fern •


After burning the candle, wipe the jar out and reuse for a fun and educational piece of home decor.

~ 20oz • approx 100 burn hours ~