Required Reading Candle Sampler Box Set

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Picture it: It's the first day of class. The teacher writes their name on the chalkboard and hands out the syllabus. You immediately jump to the required reading list - the guide to the reading adventure before you.

Anything look familiar or intriguing? What new favorite are you able to discover?

This box set evokes that nostalgic experience.. but with candles!

Required Reading Box includes six 2 oz candles selected at random from our Banned Books and Candle Library collections.
Each candle is chosen by the North Ave Candles crew - your candle “teachers” - to give your box variety and deliver that sense of joy when you discover something new and unexpected. 

Your box also contains a “vintage library card” style bookmark, designed and printed by theBird+theBeard

Tea lovers can upgrade their box to include two samples of 100% organic tea from Leaf & Twig. One sample will be caffeinated, the other decaf. Each sample makes two cups of tea. 
(tea samples +$5.50)

The Required Reading Box contains everything that you (or the book lover in your life) need to take a cozy evening with your favorite book to the next level. 

available in two styles:

Whimsical Watercolor Rainbow
Vintage Leatherbound

Each 2oz candle tin has a burn time of approximately 12 hours. 

*the scents in this boxset are a surprise! We are unable to accommodate any requests (boxes are packaged ahead of time), but we do make sure each box contains candles from a variety of scent families. Thank you for understanding 😊🕯