Pick Three - Banned Books Collection

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Choose any three candles from the Banned Books Collection.

Choose from:

White Tea + Rose, inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Gin, Juniper + Daisy, inspired by The Great Gatsby

Clove + Orange, inspired by A Clockwork Orange

Smoked Pine + Parchment, inspired by Fahrenheit 451

Bourbon + Tobacco Flower, inspired by The Catcher in the Rye

Sugared Citrus + Island Greens, inspired by Where the Wild Things Are

Mint Sweet Tea, inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird

Lavender + Lilac, inspired by The Color

Pomegranate + Red Tulip, inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale

Coffee + Chestnut, Inspired by 1984

Fig Tree, Inspired by The Bell Jar

Blackberry Pie, inspired by Beloved

Aster, Fir, Moss, inspired by The Scarlet Letter

Candles come in a gift box with matching front label and side label explaining when/why/where each particular books was banned and/or challenged.

12oz | 70+ hours