Elixir / Cardamom, Black Pepper, Poppy / Part of The Apothecary

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The Elixir of Life is a Wonder Cure! It’ll cure disease, smooth wrinkles, remove stains, double your tax return, and prolong life!

An elixir is purported to be a magical potion capable of extending life, curing common ailments, or any number of miraculous claims. Many patent medicines used poppy, or opium, as the main ingredient. While it definitely won’t extend your life, opium poppy is one of the very first medicinal compounds ever isolated in pure form.

The Elixir candle has top notes of pomegranate and orange, mid-notes of cherry blossoms and opium poppies, and is rounded out with a blend of black peppercorn, cardamom, and coca.

This transportive scent is poured into vintage amber glass. The ethereal glow of the candle’s flicker through the amber glass adds to the redolent ambiance.
(*due to supply chain issues, candle may come in green jar as opposed to amber. Thank you for your understanding!)

The Apothecary is a line of candles inspired by patent medicines of the 1800s. Without having any proof to their claims, charlatans and faux “doctors” were able to travel from town to town selling their snake oils, nostrums, and miracle cure-alls. When making these candles, I looked at the actual ingredients that were used in those miracle nostrums and used them in this line. These candles’ “miracle claims” are obviously made in jest, but the scents are reminiscent of the potions of yore. Pleasant aromas are the only genuine claims this alchemist will make!

6oz • 45 burn hours