Feast of the New Yam / Inspired by Things Fall Apart

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This novel centers around Okonkwo - respected warrior and tragic hero - and his village in Nigeria as they both struggle to adapt to colonization. 

A highlight of the book is the depiction of the Igbo community's tradition of The Feast of the New Yam.

The Feast of the New Yam is a celebration of life, accomplishments in the community, culture and well-being, and a way to thank and praise the goddess of the earth.

Yams are a symbol of wealth and ability in Things Fall Apart and the focal point of The Feast, so we wanted to create a truly unique one of a kind scent highlighting the mighty yam. 

This is one of our most unique blends yet! The scent opens with the earthy aroma of fresh yam - these aren't the yams you'd find on a Thanksgiving table - this version of a yam scent is closer to a rich pumpkin scent.
Mildly sweet with bright green notes of palm leaves accented by basenotes of spicy pepper and cassia.

This is one of our most unique blends yet! We wanted a scent for September that would bridge the gap between bright, sweet summer scents and warm, cozy aromas that autumn typically ushers in. And we believe Feast of the New Yam is the perfect candle for that job. 

(Fun fact: Nigeria produces 66% of the world’s yams)

This candle is topped with a cowrie shell which represents a means of exchange/currency in the novel.

9oz | 35 hours