Feast of the New Yam / Inspired by Things Fall Apart

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The Feast of the New Yam is a celebration of life, accomplishments in the community, culture and well-being, and a way to thank and praise the goddess of the earth.

Yams are a symbol of wealth and ability in Things Fall Apart and the focal point of The Feast, so we wanted to create a truly unique one of a kind scent highlighting the mighty yam. 

This is one of our most unique blends yet! The scent opens with the earthy aroma of fresh yam - these aren't the yams you'd find on a Thanksgiving table - this version of a yam scent is closer to a rich pumpkin scent.
Mildly sweet with bright green notes of palm leaves accented by basenotes of spicy pepper and cassia.

This candle is topped with a cowrie shell which represents a means of exchange/currency in the novel.

9oz | 35 hours