Pick Two - Aromachology

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Pick two from the Aromachology collection

Made with coconut-soy wax and poured into cork-topped apothecary style jars made from recycled glass. Double wicked to ensure an even burn and strong scent throw.

Choose from the following:

Angiospermology - the scientific study of flowering plants 
Honeysuckle, Aster, Phlox
This fragrance blend opens with the heady, nectarous scent of freshly bloomed honeysuckle;  middle notes of powdery aster and verdant, green phlox; rounded out by basenotes of tonka

Astronomy - the scientific study of celestial objects and phenomena 
Palo Santo and Star Dust
a harmonious blend of earthy Nag Champa and the sweet, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo

Dendrology - the scientific study of trees
Oak, Magnolia, Cedar
warm and earthy notes of oak mingle with the distinctively rich and aromatic woodiness of cedar, accented by soft hints of magnolia blossoms

Entomology - the scientific study of insects
Moonflower Nectar and Sugared Citrus
A unique blend of floral and fruity –
powdery soft floral scent of moonflower nectar blended with the bright citrus accords of orange, lemon and grapefruit; accented by notes of pear and agave

Lepidopterology - the scientific study of moths and butterflies
Lavender and Garden Herbs
a delicate, herbaceous blend of lavender rosemary, thyme, and fresh garden mint

Melittology - the scientific study of bees
Honey and Vanilla
A cozy gourmand scent - warm, comforting vanilla bean with a kiss of rich, sweet honey

Mineralogy - the scientific study of minerals
Amber, Coral, Rose Water
A unique and complex scent – rich and warm amber blended with briny, bright coral and sea salt notes; rounded out with the bright, airy aroma of rosewater

Mycology - the scientific study of fungi
Moss and Fallen Leaves
The scent of a walk through a lush forest - the verdant, rich aroma of moss blended with the musky-sweet scent of fallen leaves, highlighted by hints of oak, geranium, and golden amber

Oceanography - the scientific study of the oceans
Driftwood, Beach Grass, Sea Minerals
A fresh and bright blend of ocean breeze, sea salt, and 
cool notes of blue lotus with basenotes of marine vetiver and salt- water washed driftwood

Ornithology - the scientific study of birds 
Sumac Berries, Sunflower, Wild Grasses
fragrant sumac - with hints of lemon and blackberry - mixed with the soft, subtly sweet scent of sunflower, 
and base notes of sagegrass and sweetgrass

Paleontology - the scientific study of ancient life
Petrichor and Hemp
An atmospheric scent - petrichor, the deeply earthy scent of the ground after rain, highlighted by green, verdant hemp

13oz | 80+ burn hours
jar dimensions
3.5" diameter
3.5" tall (before cork)
finished candle with cork measures approx 4" tall