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Novel Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Room into a Cozy Library

Cozy Corner Attic Library -- Cozy Library Under the Eaves -- Cozy Home Library Ideas

How do you beautify a library?

More likely than not, your books showcase your own personal style.

Your home library should do the same thing.

So first…

Choose Your Home Library Aesthetic

Do you dream of living in a fairy tale English cottage? Try a cottagecore aesthetic.

Perhaps you’re drawn to a dark academia aesthetic – or a library with a Goth vibe? 

Maybe you want your library to be bright and modern – or have a beachy aesthetic.

Many of us want the dream: a home library with an antiquarian aesthetic – complete with a ladder and a secret passageway through a bookshelf.


Antiquarian aesthetic library secret passageway in bookshelf


While you may not be able to swing the secret passage, with diligent treasure hunting and a little luck, you can have the library of your dreams – even on a limited budget.

We’ve compiled a list of the basics that every home library needs – plus a few tips for giving your home library unique personal touches.

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Home Library Shelving Systems

Your library has books, so you’ve gotta have shelves.

And your bookshelf choices largely depend on your space and budget. 

Are you creating a small book nook? Or turning your apartment living room into a tiny library?  

Small Home Library -- Cozy Reading Corner -- Tiny Library Room

You can find cute bookshelves on a budget at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. I also recommend checking out resources like Freecycle.

Or you can do what I did – and buy wooden wine boxes from your local wine shop. They are stackable, upcycled, and fit most books.

I still recommend estate sales if you’ve got a bigger budget – and a bigger room. You never know what treasures you will find. You may even find a rare book for the bookshelf in your cozy new library!

You can also shop at furniture stores – in person or online. 

Check out these drool-worthy bookcases.

When I call these people, I’ll know I’ve made it.

How do I arrange books in my home library?

However you want! It’s your library!

You can go in alphabetical order or by genre. If you want to play librarian, try the Dewey decimal system

I have a “Books to Read” shelf. And I generally go by genre, with the books I like best on eye-level shelves.

Try painting the back of your bookshelves to make your books pop.

You can also arrange by the books’ spine color – to beautiful effect.

Rainbow Book Spines -- Arrange Book Spines by Color -- Colorful Library Aesthetic -- Bookshelf Decor Ideas 

Home Library Furniture Ideas

Every home library needs a cozy chair. 

Maybe an overstuffed sofa. Or a chaise lounge.

Definitely a large ottoman and a side table for a cup of tea.

Light Filled Home Library -- Cozy and Modern Home Library --  Woven Ottoman --  Books and Plants Aesthetic

A desk is an outstanding addition to a proper library – built into a bookshelf if you can swing it.

Add a quill and inkwell – for an antiquarian touch.

Home Library Ladder

We all want a library with a ladder.

You know it. I know it.

Belle on Bookshelf Ladder -- Beauty and the Beast GIF -- Library Ladder

 So where can you find one?

You can find a library ladder in online furniture stores like Wayfair. Lowe’s also carries library ladders.

Or you can check out these unique manufacturers of library ladders.

Home Library Decor and Accessories

Your home library should reflect your tastes.

Do you like lighthouses? Put a miniature lighthouse on your bookshelf. 

Love succulents? Have plants in your library – and maybe some vintage botanical drawings on your wall!

Home Library Bookshelf Decor Ideas -- Plants on a Bookshelf -- Books and Candles Aesthetic

Other ideas to reflect your personality:

  • Antique maps
  • Decorative books – choose beautiful copies of your favorite titles
  • Artwork that you love
  • Snuggly Blankets – check out these book-themed blankets from Storiarts!
  • A cozy rug – even beachy libraries need a rug!

I like soft music (instrumental only – jazz, classical, reggae, Hawaiian) – or soothing sounds like waves or the rain. 

Unless you like reading in silence. It’s your library!

Other ideas for your bookshelves:

  • seashells
  • wine bottles
  • wax seals
  • cool trinkets you’ve picked up on your travels 

I have a little statue of a monk reading that I found at an antique shop.

A proper library should also have a cat –  if you’re not allergic.

Adorable Cat in Cozy Home Library -- Library Kitty -- Books and Cats -- Hygge Aesthetic

Unique Book Candles for your Home Library

Another must-have for a cozy home library? Candles.


Because candles, like books, connect us to the past. 

Candles create what the Danes call hygge – cozy warmth in the darker months of the year.

Candles are good for the soul – I think that’s why we keep them around in this era of electric lights.

Inspired by literature, our unique book candles add personality to any small home library.

Unique Hand-Poured Book Candles -- Candles with a Vintage Library Aesthetic -- Candles with an Antiquarian Aesthetic -- Unique Decor for your Cozy Home Library


BONUS: some of our candle labels look like vintage library cards!


The Library book candle – inspired by Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library – smells like a mysterious, magical library.

Unique Book Candle inspired by Matt Haig's The Midnight Library -- Library Scented Book Candle -- Candle that Smells like Old Books -- Unique Stocking Stuffer for a Bookworm -- Unique Decor for a Cozy Library Room

The aroma of old book pages blends with antique sandalwood, teak, warm amber, and a hint of tobacco leaf – adding an antiquarian ambiance to any home library.

Give your home library extra personality – shop our unique book candles for your favorite titles!