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Good Vibes: How to Decorate Your Room with Dazzling Crystals

 Crystal decoration on end table -- crystal decorating ideas

Ways to Display Crystals at Home

Crystals…they’re so hot right now. And the're not just for new agey mystics anymore.

It seems that the pandemic fueled interest in cleansing your home of bad vibes and maintaining your own positive energy.

Who would have thought?

Problem is, a lot of people aren’t really sure where to start when it comes to incorporating crystals into their home decor. So we created this handy dandy guide for those looking for decorating with crystals inspiration. 

And if you’re looking for information on what different crystals mean – what are all of the crystals' properties and powers – we’ve got you covered.

How do you set up a crystal room?

The great thing about crystals being a little hippy-dippy is that there’s no wrong way to incorporate crystals into your room.

Experts say to choose crystals with your heart, not your head. If a crystal attracts you, go for it.

Depending on the size of the crystal, you can incorporate it into your decor in a variety of ways.

Larger crystals make excellent bookends and give any bookshelf a pop of color. Crystals make beautiful planters for succulents or air plants.

For smaller crystals, why not use them as drawer knobs or bottle stoppers? Little crystals also make beautiful wall hangings and decorative mobiles.

Crystal hanging on chain in window -- crystal decorating ideas

You can place tiny crystals under your pillow – or take a moon bath with your favorite crystals to manifest your dreams. Make sure your crystals are safe to submerge in water first. Some crystals – like selenite – will dissolve underwater.

You can also simply place your crystals on a tray on your coffee table for some visual interest. A selenite tray is ideal – selenite crystal is always charged – and charges other crystals it comes in contact with.

How to charge crystals

To optimize the energy in your crystals, experts recommend charging them regularly. Like you, crystals get drained of their energy – or occasionally need a cleanse from bad vibes. 

Charging your crystals is simple – unless your crystal is water-soluble, like selenite. Run them under cool water and dry them with a cloth – then let your crystals charge overnight in the moonlight. A full moon is best.

It’s ideal to leave your crystals to charge outdoors – but if you don’t have an outdoor space, leave them at the window that receives the most moonlight. 

You can also purchase a selenite charging tray to keep your crystals charged – or immerse your crystals in a Himalayan salt bath.

What do certain crystals mean?

Crystals on tray -- crystals decorating ideas

💜 Amethyst -- Calms anxiety, peaceful sleep, tranquility

🖤 Black Tourmaline -- Absorbs negative energy, grounding energy

🌞 Citrine -- Concentration, creativity, confidence, clarity

🧊 Clear Quartz -- Master crystal – clarifying your goals, eases anxiety, good energy

💙 Lapis Lazuli -- Courage to speak, clarity, directness in communication

💚 Jade -- Luck, blessings from universe

🌈 Opal -- Inspiration, creativity

🌹 Rose Quartz -- Inner peace, empathy, reconciliation, self-love

🤍 Selenite -- Aura cleansing, clears bad vibes, charges other crystals – WATER SOLUBLE

 🖤 Smoky Quartz -- Grounding energy, absorbs negative energy, eases anxiety, wards off negative thoughts

This list is in no way comprehensive. If you’re looking for more information on the meanings of different healing crystals, check out this guide.

What crystals should be in each room?

Crystals for sleep – Crystal decor for the bedroom

Amethyst is an excellent crystal for any bedroom. It puts out soothing energy – and is said to aid restful sleep. 

Romantics may find that rose quartz adds ambiance to the bedroom. It is the crystal of empathy and reconciliation – and is believed to attract love and encourages self-love.

If you’re looking for a bit of self-care, try Rosewood + Bergamot, our Rose Quartz Crystal candle – topped with beautiful rose quartz crystals and dried rosebuds.

Rose Quartz Crystal Candle -- Gift Idea for Cottage Witch -- Crystal Room Decor Idea

Crystals for focus – Crystal decor for the office

Whether you work from home or go to the office, crystals can be a vibrant addition to your workspace decor. 

Lapis Lazuli encourages the free flow of ideas and direct communication between colleagues – something we all need in our work life.

Citrine is an excellent addition to your workspace – it encourages confidence, creativity, and communication. 

Lemon + Ginger – our citrine crystal candle – would look great on your desk.

Citrine Geode Candle -- Home Office Decor -- Crystal Room Decor

Crystals for peace – Crystal decor for the living room

Amethyst is a lovely addition to the living room. It’s a beautiful stone – and it puts out calming vibes. 

Selenite is a perfect addition to a gathering space. It cleanses negative energy – and its high vibrations encourage relaxation and peaceful feelings.

Crystal decor for your entryway

Try clear quartz – the master crystal – for your entryway. Clear quartz has high vibrations and magnifies the energies of other crystals. 

It’s perfect near your front door – like rosemary at your garden gate.

What is a crystal candle?

Our crystal candles are made with high quality, natural waxes and wicks – and infused with the scent of beautiful botanicals. 

We top our crystal candles with dried flower buds and crystal points – for a stunning and unique display.

Our Amethyst Crystal Candle fills your space with the relaxing scent of lavender and chamomile – and the amethyst crystals are said to aid with a good night’s sleep.

Amethyst Crystal Candle -- Crystals Bedroom Decor -- Witchy Gift Idea

What happens when you put crystals in candles?

Mystics and new agey types believe that placing healing crystals into a candle infuses it with the crystal’s energy – wafting good vibes through your space every time you light it. 

Our only claim is that we think our handmade crystal candles are gorgeous – a unique gift for any occasion – and a fantastic addition to a space needing some good vibes. 

Exotic Botanicals – our Clear Quartz Crystal Candle – should be your go-to housewarming gift. 

 Clear Quartz Crystal Candle -- Unique Housewarming Gift -- Crystal Room Decor Ideas


So pretty!

And being the master crystal – clear quartz will vibe a happy aura.