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Forget Apples. Try These 9 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas!

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What Do Teachers Really Want For Gifts?

I recently heard the holiday season described as “having a part-time job from late November until New Year.”

We can all relate. There’s cooking. And decorating. And shopping for gifts. So much shopping. 

Gifts for your kids, gifts for your folks, gifts for your in-laws, gifts for your friends. 

Gifts for your boss, gifts for your co-workers, gifts for your mail carrier, gifts for your neighbors. 

Who else? Oh, right! What about a gift for your child’s teacher? It’s a tough one. Especially if you want to get away from Amazon and apple themes.

 To make your life a little easier, we did the research for you! Here is our handy dandy Teacher Gift Guide -- with a bit of literary flair. 


Pride and Prejudice Bookish Tea, Bookish Teas, Bookish Gift Ideas

Novel Teas Bookish Tea Tins 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that teachers need caffeine to get through their day. Why not spruce up teacher tea time with a loose-leaf blend from Novel Teas? This collection of literary-inspired teas will put a smile on any teacher’s -- or bookworm’s -- face. Each tea is packaged in a unique tin inspired by the book. Some of the fancier containers even look like books! Choose from varieties like Pride and Peppermint and Anne of Green Tea Gables. 

Each tea comes with its own custom bookmark.

Novel Teas -- Starting at $15.95


Bibliophile Reader’s Journal 

We’ve all heard of Wine Journals. Cheese Logs (punny, right?). Travel Diaries. Isn’t it about time there was a journal for book nerds? 

This hardcover journal for bibliophiles is a phenomenal gift for a teacher (lesson plans!) -- or anyone who loves to read. While the Bibliophile Reader’s Journal is beautifully and bookishly illustrated, it’s more than just a pretty face. This journal offers inspiring writing prompts for readers as they make their way through a new work of literature. There is plenty of space to reflect on the plot, record favorite quotes, and even compose new reading lists!

The New York Public Library Shop -- $15.95


Page Petal Bookmarks 

These handmade bookmarks are both practical and beautiful. Inspired by literature and created from pressed flowers, they are a perfect teacher gift -- or a fantastic bookish stocking stuffer. 

Browse their selection, and you’ll find bookmarks named for characters like Bilbo Baggins, Elizabeth Bennet, Jo March, Gilbert Blythe, and Irene Adler (among many others). The flora on each bookmark is meant to symbolize the character’s personality and story arc.

Page Petal Bookmarks -- starting at $7.99


Bouncing Ball Creation Book Wrapped Pencils 

We all know that teachers need pencils. But pencils as gifts? Why not, when the pencils in question are these unique book-wrapped pencils created by an English teacher? 

Each set of five #2 pencils is decorated with words from different works of literature. You’ll find pencil sets inspired by Nancy Drew, Little Women, Shakespeare’s plays, and Peter Pan.

These pencils are a badass bookish stocking stuffer!

Bouncing Ball Creations -- $10.99

 Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven Inspired Book Pouch

Storiarts Book Pouch

Teachers have a lot of stuff to carry around. This stylish and bookish pouch is perfect for organizing errant school supplies -- or as a tote for a night on the town! 

Each pouch is inspired by a work of literature. You’ll find favorites from the reading list like Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes,  Anne of Green Gables, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Passages and artwork from the book are printed on each pouch with heat-set ink. 

These 100% cotton book pouches have a synthetic liner that is easy to clean -- perfect for leaking pens or smudgy crayons.

Storiarts -- $26


Enamel Pins by The Clever Clove 

Everyone loves a cute enamel pin -- especially teachers. Why not give them something a little more stylish (and bookish) than another apple, jack-o-lantern, or Thanksgiving turkey? 

The Clever Clove offers dozens of adorable designs inspired by literature and a love of reading. You’ll find pins of Dracula’s Castle, Pemberley, and Green Gables. There are pins inspired by the doors of 221B Baker Street and The Secret Garden, and still more inspired by quotes from favorites like Pride and Prejudice and 1984.

The Clever Clove -- $11.99


Bookish Jewelry by North Star Pendants 

If your child’s teacher is more of a necklace person than a pin person, check out these lovely literary designs from North Star Pendants. 

The Poetry and Books collection is inspired by classic works of literature like Charlotte’s Web, Pride and Prejudice, and Peter Pan. You’ll also find pendants inspired by authors like Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Geography nerds, be sure to check out the collection inspired by vintage maps!

North Star Pendants -- starting at $14.95


The Soap Librarian

Does anyone need soap more than teachers? These adorable book-shaped soaps make handwashing literary and fun -- and are easier to wrap than Softsoap. 

The Soap Librarian offers six unique and bookish varieties. Our favorites are The Raven (inspired by the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe) and Dracula. In addition to teacher gifts, these soaps are awesome bookish stocking stuffers!

The Soap Librarian -- $6.00


Masters of the Macabre Bookish Candle Collection - Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, and HP Lovecraft

 North Ave Candles 

What list of unique and bookish gifts for teachers would be complete without literary candles? We all know how hard teachers work. Why not give them a little literature-inspired aromatherapy?

North Ave Candles offers a variety of hand-poured and blended candles inspired by your favorite books! Whether you’re looking for candles inspired by childhood reads, women writers, Shakespeare, or Bram Stoker -- North Ave has you covered. 

North Ave Candles offers a variety of gift sets, and many of the labels even look like vintage library cards!

Shop our collection of literary candles here. Go ahead and knock a few folks off that shopping list!

Banned Books Literary Candle Collection -- Vintage Library Card Candle Label Design