Triassic / Moss + Fern / Dinosaur Candle

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During the Mesozoic, or "Middle Life" Era, life diversified rapidly and giant reptiles, dinosaurs and other monstrous beasts roamed the Earth. The period, which spans from about 252 million years ago to about 66 million years ago, was also known as the age of reptiles or the age of dinosaurs

Mesozoic Lights is a line of candles inspired by the time periods of the Mesozoic Era. These candles have scents indicative of the flora of the three Mesozoic periods.

The candle jars have dinosaurs from their respective periods permanently screenprinted on the front, making for a fun piece of home decor after the candle has been burned.

The Triassic
Moss + Fern - an earthy, musky blend of moss, fern, and lichen with base notes of cedar and sandalwood

Featuring Eoraptor or Pterosaur

15oz • 80 burn hours