The Ghosts of Northanger / inspired by Ghosted: A Northanger Abbey Novel

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In GHOSTED, a genderbent, contemporary retelling of Jane Austen's NORTHANGER ABBEY, Hattie Tilney is just trying to make it through her senior year at Northanger Abbey, America's most (allegedly) haunted high-school. It's hard to stay away from her ghosts within the abbey's ivy-covered and gothic walls, and it gets even harder when she meets Kit Morland, certified ghost enthusiast who is determined to unlock Hattie's heart. With notes of the pipe tobacco that drifts through the abbey's halls, Kit's coziest flannel, and wood-soaked sage to keep the ghosts at bay, this candle is a comforting refuge in a raging snowstorm and a warm hug when the past comes back to haunt you.

a complex, mysterious, and romantic blend -
top notes of sea mist and verdant sage
middle notes of flannel, blonde woods, and white musk
base notes of smoky tobacco flower, cedar, and toasted vanilla

topped off with a ghost charm

9oz | 40 hours