Shakespeare Candles Boxset

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Do you remember the first time that you saw Shakespeare performed? The feeling when you realized that Shakespeare’s plays are living, breathing works of art rather than words falling flat on the pages of a ninth-grade textbook?

 For many of us, that moment leads to a lifetime love affair with Shakespeare’s plays. 


This four-candle Shakespearean box set is inspired by the stage, not the page. 


It’s the kind of modern interpretation of his work that you could find at an avant-garde theatre. 

 More Baz Luhrmann than Franco Zeffirelli. 

Your Shakespeare candle gift set is packaged in a slick pinstriped box decorated with a funky pop-art portrait of the Bard. 


Inside you’ll find: 

🍊 Blood Orange inspired by Macbeth -- Spicy, tart, and summery, this fragrance is so delicious that you will lament its demise by crying “out out brief candle.” 


🌿 Lush Forest + Lemongrass inspired by As You Like It -- The verdant scent of fresh woodland air perfumed with hints of exotic lemongrass will transport you to the Forest of Arden.


🌊 Sea Salt + Saffron inspired by The Comedy of Errors --The sharp, invigorating scent of the ocean blended with subtle touches of saffron symbolize the play’s voyages of separation and reunion. 


☕️ Thé au Lait + Lavande inspired by All's Well That Ends Well -- Like a cup of warm tea. Relaxing lavender blends with the aroma of earthy black tea and creamy milk. Perfect for a rainy evening curled up under a blanket. 


Each 2 oz candle in this olfactory ode to William Shakespeare comes in a black metal tin. 


Set the proper mood in your home theater with our Shakespeare candle set.  

Boxset includes four 2oz candle tins | ~12 burn hours each