Jane Austen Candle Compendium - tea and candle boxset

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 Attention all Austenites! Celebrate the romance of the Regency with the limited edition Jane Austen Candle Compendium.

Each box set includes:
🕯️six candles inspired by Austen’s six major novels
☕️ An Austen Afternoon - a sample of an elegant Lavender and Vanilla black tea by Leaf & Twig {tea contains caffeine}
🔖 a custom bookmark decorated with the beloved author’s own words.

*plus the option to add a teaball strainer adorned with a romantic charm and/or a Jane Austen quote sticker

Floral fans are sure to love the variety of blossoms to be found in this set, but like Austen’s novels, these scents are nuanced, intriguing, and not just for those who adore all things flowery. 

Find your perfect match and get ready to fall in love!

Six 2oz candle tins:

“Emotions Run Wild” inspired by Sense and Sensibility (1811): The depth of feeling shared by the drastically different Dashwood sisters comes to life in this lively blend of vibrant freesia and classic lavender with a dash of wild thyme.

“Gardens of Pemberley” inspired by Pride and Prejudice (1813): A soft floral blend of violet, lemongrass, sweetgrass, and flowering dogwood trees that will bring to mind a stroll through the gardens at Mr. Darcy’s Pemberley estate.

“Poise and Purpose” inspired by Mansfield Park (1814): The quiet strength of Fanny Price is captured in the smells of the English countryside - rain, cedar, and sweetgrass blend with lily and lilac and notes of Earl Grey tea to create a steady, comforting aroma.

“The Matchmaker” inspired by Emma (1816): Emma Woodhouse’s meddling pays off in this candle when two opposites form an exquisite pair - nectarous honeysuckle and warm sandalwood are good apart, but better together.

“Shadows in the Abbey” inspired by Northanger Abbey (1818): Sweet primrose, spicy clove, and green ivy intertwine to create the mysterious atmosphere of the Northanger Abbey within Catherine Morland’s imagination.

“Second Bloom” inspired by Persuasion (1818): An ode to Anne Elliot’s second chance at love, this is a floral, fruity scent that blends orchid and jasmine with honeydew and cantaloupe and is rounded out with hints of sea salt and tonka.

☕️ An Austen Afternoon

Assam Black Tea, Lavender, Cornflower, Elder Flower, Damiana, organic Vanilla Extract Flavoring.

How to Enjoy: Pour 1 cup hot water (~190-200 degrees) over 1 teaspoon of tea and steep for 4-5 minutes or to desired taste.