Infinite Zest / inspired by Infinite Jest

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This is a candle. A candle that smells like a book.¹ How does one create an enticing candle that invokes themes found in a sprawling post-modern opus set in a boring dystopia that bears a disturbing resemblance to our own? Sporting nearly a thousand pages of dense prose and another hundred pages of footnotes there are numerous scent inspirations to be found right in the text. But in the case of Infinite Jest, set in a Boston halfway-house and tennis academy,² a lot of the signature smells that come to mind first aren’t particularly enticing, or the kind you would like to fill up your cozy living room after a long day slogging it out for the corporate overlords.  So in this case, we made a tasty little pun and formulated a truly luscious citrus scent in the hopes that candle lovers will forgive the liberties taken here.

This is our most citrus candle yet, and possibly the most citrus candle you’ve ever encountered with tangy and juicy notes of orange, grapefruit, tangerine, bergamot, lemon, lime, mandarin, kumquat, pomelo, yuzu, ad infinitum.

Market research has shown that consumers interested in purchasing an Infinite Jest candle include: people who love this brilliant, one of a kind novel; people who want you to think they have read and love this brilliant novel; and people who absolutely love a citrus candle. Hopefully you or someone you know falls in one or more of these groups!


  1. Not “like a book” in that it smells like parchment or libraries or that new book smell (a) but smells like a book thematically, as in, to invoke a particular book- in this case, the 1996 novel Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. 
  2. Not even to mention the putrid and hazardous smells emanating from the Great Concavity/ Convexity, which if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit on a crisp, clear spring morning, by all means do not under any circumstances.

topped with a tennis racket charm
9oz | 35 burn hours