Honey Cakes and Sparking Wine / Inspired by Cloud Cuckoo Land

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Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr is a sprawling, imaginative epic that weaves together the stories of five characters spanning several centuries. 

A central component of the book is a fictionalized ancient Greek farce titled “Cloud Cuckoo Land,” which is nearly lost to time, war, and the elements but saved and rediscovered a dozen times throughout this novel - that tale is the link that ties the characters together.  

In that tale, Aethon, a poor shepherd, dreams of becoming a bird so he can fly to the magical land in the sky where the rivers flow with wine, tortoises carry honey cakes on their backs, and life is free from suffering.

Invoke your own Cloud Cuckoo Land with the scent of decadent pound cake accented with notes of honey and orange zest,
and a whiff of effervescent sparkling white wine

topped off with a tortoise charm

9oz | 35 hours