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Self-care doesn’t always come easily for addicts. It isn’t enough to simply remove substances from your life, we need to replace them with healthy activities that provide a sense of fulfillment such as taking up a new hobby or starting an exercise regimen. But who has the time and dedication for all that? 

Instead, pick up one of these brand new candles inspired by the Dopey podcast! Featuring striking original artwork created by Dopey Nation in a variety of scents for every taste, these unique candles will fill your favorite space with warm and inviting vibes. (Plus you’re helping out addicts like me and Dave who transferred our addictions to workaholicism!)

Choose from one of the following dope scents:

Pipesmoke - slightly spicy tobacco flower, oaky notes of aged vanilla, whiff of smoked cedar

California Sober - cannabis flower blended with wild grasses, green notes of dandelion, and a hint of pear

Herbal Remedy - organic, au naturale scents of rosemary, spearmint, sage and basil

Virgin Margarita - bright, lively, zesty. Sugared Lime with hints of sea salt and tropical fruits

Coffeeshop - not your homegroup's stale coffee. Fresh brewed coffee with notes of vanilla and hazelnut

Teetotaler  - delicate, slightly floral blend of white tea, lemon, ginger, and rose

9oz | 40 burn hours