Champagne + Bartlett Pear / Inspired by The Great Gatsby / Candle of the Month

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I know that all the trouble of 2020 won't magically vanish at the stroke of midnight. The past year was marked by chaos, tragedy, loss, and fear.

But as we approach midnight there are still things about this year to celebrate: we witnessed a huge social movement for racial justice; voted in a new administration; and  the tireless work of doctors and scientists has come to fruition with vaccines on the horizon.

It's worth celebrating the strength and bravery it took to navigate what was the most difficult year of many of our lives.

This candle is symbolic of my optimism that our 20s might yet roar, blending champagne - the quintessential drink of celebration, and pear - a traditional symbol of comfort.

So cheers to a brighter and more comfortable New Year. Onward!

Scent notes:
Effervescent sparkling white wine, crisp Bartlett pear, tart green apple

9oz | 45 hours