Dopey Podcast x North Ave Candles Collaboration

We've teamed up with Dave from the Dopey podcast to bring you a line of dope candles with striking original artwork and scents that invoke the tropes, lingo, and inside jokes familiar to the unique community that has grown around this beloved program. Dopey is a comedy podcast about personal experiences of substance abuse , and has become a haven for recovering addicts. Featuring incisive interviews with a wide variety of guests, Dopey offers elements of self-help recovery education with the dark comedy to be found in stories from the depths of addiction.

Initially conceived as a show about the humorous side of addiction, Dopey was created and co-hosted anonymously by Dave and Chris - recovering addicts who became close friends after meeting in rehab. The podcast quickly found an audience drawn to Dave and Chris’ rapport and wild  stories.

Tragically, Chris relapsed and overdosed in 2018. After the loss of his friend and co-host, Dave changed the focus of the show to interview guests about the way addiction has touched their lives. Guests have included Dr Drew Pinsky, Marc Maron, Artie Lang, Jack Osbourne, Micheal Imperioli, Tom Arnold, Danny Trejo, Jamie Lee Curtis and many more.   

North Ave Candles owner, Amanda, is a recovering alcoholic, so this topic is one near and dear to our hearts. We believe in the power of narrative and the ways that stories can shape and change our lives. Dopey provides a forum to listen, learn, and laugh about the travails of staying sober each and every day; with the implicit reminder that we are not alone when things seem at their darkest.

Episode 178's guest was David Sheff, who wrote the memoir Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction, which was adapted (along with his son’s addiction memoir, Tweak) into the film Beautiful Boy. “People are dying, and the problem won’t improve until we talk about this issue. What moves people to take action? Stories. We must tell and share our stories,” he says. “I love Dopey because Dave makes these conversations come alive and relevant to people who otherwise may not listen and become engaged.”

Dave and Chris's story was featured on an episode of This American Life listen here

Label designs featuring fan art created by members of the Dopey Nation community 

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