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Fresh from the Garden Box Set - Candle Gift Set


Aaaaah, summertime. Lazy days, barbecue, lemonade, and the bounty of farm-fresh fruits and veggies. 

 If you look forward to browsing the produce at your local farmer’s market or get excited when the box for your CSA arrives, you will love our new Fresh from the Garden Box Set!


Inspired by a trip to the farmstand, we wanted to capture the joy of a ripe tomato on your sandwich or juicy berries for dessert in candle form. 


So our candle “gardeners” got to work creating these exclusive “farm-fresh” scents:

🍋 Zesty Farmstand Lemonade

🌷 Fresh Cut Flowers (tulip, daisy, aster, sunflower, sweet pea) 

🍉 Refreshing Watermelon 

🍈 Luscious Honeydew

🧡 Succulent Cantaloupe 

🥒 Fresh Picked Cucumber

🍓 Juicy Mixed Berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, mulberry)

🍅 Verdant Tomato Leaf

🌿 Fragrant Garden Herbs (basil, sage, rosemary, mint)

🍏 Tart Apple (blend of Macintosh and Granny Smith apples)


Each Garden Box Set includes four 2 oz “fresh from the garden” candles. 


You pick the four candles you want in your box -- just like you would at the farmer’s market. 


Burn two together to create a lovely scent melange. Cucumber and melon is a classic summer combo. Or create an aromatic Caprese salad with Tomato Leaf and Garden Herbs! 


Like the bounty of the harvest, our Garden Box set is only available during summer and fall. 


Candles will come in and out of season, just like farmstand fruits and veggies. Farmstand Lemonade and Fresh Cut Flowers for spring. Tomato Leaf and Mixed Berries available for summer, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin arrive in autumn. 


Pick your candle cornucopia before the growing season ends. Don’t forget to stash a few away for the winter! No pickling required.