Aster, Fir, Moss / Inspired by The Scarlet Letter

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Nathaniel Hawthrone’s The Scarlet Letter has been the subject of controversy and censorship since its publication in 1850. Citing issues of obscenity and and moral depravity, religious leaders of the time attacked the novel’s “nauseous amour” of an illicit relationship. Czar Nicholas I was offended enough by the book’s subject matter that he banned it in Russia. After a hundred years in relative obscurity, The Scarlet Letter again came under fire for its inclusion in US school reading curricula, with parents dubbing the novel as pornographic.

These allegations belie the lack of sexually explicit material to be found in Hawthorne’s work. When the reader is introduced to Hester Prynne the only clue we are given as to her transgression is Pearl, the product of her liaison with the Reverend Dimmesdale. The objections of censorists have always been fueled by innuendo and Hawthorne’s sympathy for his heroine than from anything to be found on the page. Despite the many trevails Hester Prynne is forced to endure throughout the novel as consequence of her offense, the author’s choice to humanize his protagonist and explore the origins of her choices gives The Scarlet Letter the moral depth and complexity that cemented its place in the American literary canon.

Inspired by the wild primeval forest of Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, Aster Fir & Moss will imbue your space with the comfort and sanctuary of Hester's woods.

With a meticulously crafted scent profile that is soothing yet complex, this candle features notes inspired by the New England forest:

  • aster, similar to chamomile, gives a light floral top note
  • bright, slightly sweet, herbaceous scent of fir
  • deep, earthy, forest floor notes of mosses and lichens 

12oz | 70 hours